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MWT Architect + Archipelago International | History

Since 1994 MWT Architects has worked with Archipelago International Hotels, Resorts & Residence and continues to foster support and excitement in working with the team at Archipelago. Working with Archipelago International is like no other as the company has so much history. It was founded by a great leader Charles E. Brookfield in 1997. As a hotel provider it’s a remarkable company and MWT Hotel Architect and hotel plans is just always amazed by its history and glad to be working on its future hotel plans. Currently John M. Flood is the CEO for Archipelago International.

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Architecture and development through partners and franchisees have sparked a tremendous amount of growth for both Archipelago International and MWT. We share the same Archipelago vision with our clients inevitably supporting the Archipelago International brands, leadership and goals. There has been consistent growth and the need for hotel plans and hotel architects in designing, interiors, exteriors with inviting spaces. World travelers want to see, and experience great design and we deliver on our mission as Hotel Architects. Our engineered systems and the special interiors live up to the Archipelago name and its brand standards.

We develop real solutions that are fulfilling the brand standards while also providing the value engineering for the developer. The most important piece a hotel architect provides is an exceptional architectural experience for the guest that is something that Archipelago International and MWT both strive for as the main goals of both of our businesses. It doesn’t matter the property, sometimes it’s a modern and simply hotel or resort design that has a great offering or a complex property with a sophisticated offering. MWT Hotel Architect and Hotel plans are here to help designing the future.

MWT Architect + Archipelago International | Flags

MWT Hotel and Resort Architects has worked extensively with Archipelago International and its many flags. Archipelago International offers franchising opportunities that respond to its demographics and the changing world of traveler’s needs. Change is inevitable as it is part of life, and MWT Hotel and Resort Architects and Hotel Plans embrace the future with Archipelago International. We both continually evolve with the demands of today’s societies and their individual needs of various types of travelers.

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Archipelago International is a leading brand in the business. With almost 20,000 hotel rooms worldwide, Archipelago International Hotels, Resorts & Residence offers 16 flags which include some of the world’s most recognizable hotel properties. The following is a list of flags currently offered in its portfolio of hotel plans;  Grand Aston, Aston, Aston City, Aston Inn, Collection by Aston, Favehotels, Hotel NEO, Hotel NEO+, Quest Vibe, Quest Hotels, Harper, Alana, Royal Alana, Huxley, and Kamuela Villas.

MWT Architect + Archipelago International | Services

Mark Tiedemann CEO of MWT Hotel architects and hotel plans has been working side by side with Archipelago International. MWT has always developed its work on hotel plans by working closely with executive teams at Archipelago International and its franchisees. We develop design projects that incorporate the rigors of the local state, and federal building codes and the franchise brand standards.

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Developers and contractors sometimes don’t always understand the complexity of meeting the building codes, and continual improvements made within the Archipelago International brand standards. The typical hotel construction documents now required to get a franchise approval and a building permit is extreme. We are seeing over 400 sheets of drawings and hundreds of pages of design specifications that coordinate the design of a project. Every year, MWT has been working with Archipelago International the bar and the complexity of building designs are set higher too. For these types of conditions, you need a firm like MWT that has the experience and know how to not only work from scratch, but we develop real solution even while project is under construction.  

Brand standards are always evolving at Archipelago International and sometimes mid-stream, we are asked to make changes for the next evolution of that flag being built. While this may seem to be a waste of time it is really providing the owner / developer with the latest and greatest design within its hotel plans. This will give the developer the advantage of being in alignment with the brand standards upon opening. We work around the clock and are grateful to see are results built worldwide and talked about on social media.

MWT Architect + Archipelago International | Brands

ASTON stands for authentic Asian hospitality and sets itself apart as the most trusted hotel in the Archipelago and beyond. Whether for business or leisure, from the elegant GRAND ASTON to the modern-minimalist ASTON INN and anything in between, each individually-designed hotel has a sense of place, reflecting the brand’s eclectic character throughout the entire guest journey. ASTON, stay with people you trust.

 new lifestyle hotel for a new generation of traveller, who likes to explore places that inspire with uniqueness, impress with stories and invigorate with energy. A social place, full of life where people feel welcome and at ease, surrounded by a crowd they love. Fittingly, iconic Havana is the birthplace of the first HUXLEY, nestled against the spectacular and extensively written-about sunsets of historic Havana Bay on the lively Malecón esplanade. Whereas Hemingway brought Cuba to the world, we now bring HUXLEY to Cuba. Unveiling 2021.

Subdued yet arousing, sophisticated yet friendly. Guests are rejuvenated and invigorated by the relaxing atmosphere of THE ALANA, featuring stylish designs in its guest rooms and facilities. Each hotel is an urban oasis with a concept, that combines regency touches with bold modern decors. Blending classic sophistication with contemporary chic, the hotels come with modern event spaces, thus flawlessly link work and play in stimulating and tranquil surroundings.

KAMUELA VILLAS are designed for unique romantic and family holidays alike, pleasing each of the five senses and creating everlasting memories through highly personalized service, reminiscent of twenty-first-century Southeast Asia. Whether it is the finely manicured surrounding gardens, inviting furniture pieces or the creative architecture, KAMUELA VILLAS are crafted to the finest quality standards. Located by the sea or surrounded by paddy fields, rich in sophistication and elegance, KAMUELA means Bali getaway at its best.

Modern yet infused with rustic charm, each HARPER conveys a residential feel and balanced functionality, offering unobtrusive service and never-ending innovation. Dining is offered in the form of home-cooked dishes at the relaxing Rustik Bistro & Bar, while the hotel’s homey and warm character, complemented with personalized service, makes missing-home less of an issue. This hotel is designed for the worldly traveller, who values individualism, style, character and genuine home experience in a convenient location.

Collection by ASTON takes the brand’s diversity and eclectic character to the next level. Each Collection masterpiece has its own personality and the liberty to push boundaries. Created for guests that value individualism and freedom, every hotel looks and feels very different as the brand ignores the ‘how?’ and ‘what?’ and simply asks ‘why not?’. Deliberately so, by design – by ASTON.

Modest, friendly and comfy, QUEST HOTELS combine the value of premium budget with modern designs of family-friendly lifestyle hotels. The ideal choice for families on the quest for value, stylish facilities and tranquillity. Parents and children alike will enjoy the accessibility and the functional layouts of each hotel. A place where the nearest and dearest bond and play, spend quality time together, rest their heads and recharge.

Breaking the mould of conventional hospitality, HOTEL NEO is one step ahead of the norm. Created in a modern-contemporary style befitting the new trends in hotel design, HOTEL NEO offers uncluttered open spaces that create an atmosphere of relaxation and revitalization in a trendy but reasonably priced environment. Born from the realization that the modern and well-travelled guest regards a midrange hotel, that is well-designed and attractive, as more than just an alternative to larger and more expensive upmarket hotels.

The favorite choice for a stylish, budget-friendly accommodation that is at once fun, fresh, and friendly. Hotels that embrace unique and inspiring designs and recognize the importance of guest experience, personal preferences and technology. favehotels place emphasis on encouraging guest productivity and facilitating relaxation. Flexibility is key, preserving the essence of favehotels while still developing unique hotels, each one daringly playful and slightly different to the next.

NOMAD HOSTELS provide safe and sociable budget accommodation where guests can rent a bed in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge, restaurant, laundry and super-fast Wi-Fi connection. With its unique design and best-in-class service, our hostel brand-concept redefines backpacker accommodation, so that globetrotters and nomads from all corners of the world can rest their heads at comfortable and clean bunk beds in prime locations.

Archipelago International | MWT Hotel & Resort Architect | Information

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