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Since 1994 MWT Architects has worked with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and continues to foster support and excitement in working with the team at Hyatt. Working with Hyatt is like no other as the company has so much History. It was founded by a great leader Hyatt Robert von Dehn and Jack Dyer Crouch in 1957. As a hotel provider it’s a remarkable company and MWT Hotel Architect and hotel plans is just always amazed by its history and glad to be working on its future hotel plans. Currently Mark Hoplamazian is President and Chief Executive Officer for Hyatt.

“From General Aesthetics to Guest Experience.”

As some market areas and cities have become a higher barrier of entry, real estate developers have turned to dual and tri branded hotels. Hyatt and MWT Hotel architects have already created numerous developments with franchisees to capture a greater and diversified market share in just one development. The flexibility of offering a streamlined affordable property such as a Hyatt Place and an extended Stay like Hyatt House is an amazing financial opportunity for a better-balanced market share and a better and safer return on one’s investment. Some of the construction and employee staff savings include, one main entry with a mixed lobby, front desk check-in area, shared elevators: pool, exercise room, and back of house areas. The combination of one property, and the shared amenities makes these properties a better real estate investment.

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