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MWT Architect + Best Western Hotels & Resorts | 歴史

1994年以来、MWTアーキテクツはベストウエスタンホテル&リゾートと新たな感動を生み出し続けています。BWホテルには多くの歴史があり。1946年に偉大な指導者M.K.Guertinによって設立されました。ホテル業界でのトッププレイヤーとして、MWTホテルアーキテクトとホテルプランは、お客様の将来のホテルをプランニング出来ることを楽しみにしております。現在、David Kongは、BW Hotels&Resortsの社長兼最高経営責任者です。



MWT Architect + Best Western Hotels & Resorts | フラッグ



ベストウエスタンは、業界をリードするブランドです。 世界中に4,500以上のホテルを擁するベストウエスタンは、世界で最も有名なホテルのいくつかを含む13の旗を提供しています。現在、同社のホテルプランのポートフォリオで提供されているフラッグのリストは以下の通りです。ベストウエスタンホテルズ&リゾーツ、ビブ、ベストウエスタンプレミア、セイディ、BWシグネチャーコレクション、エグゼクティブレジデンシー、BWプラス、エイデン、BWプレミアコレクション、GLo、シュアステイホテル、シュアステイプラスホテル、シュアステイコレクション。

MWT Architect + Best Western Hotels & Resorts | サービス内容




MWT Architect + Best Western Hotels & Resorts | BWフラグについて

A truly exceptional value.
Best Western is Best Western® Hotels & Resorts’ legacy brand, providing a timeless comfort for more than seven decades. Best Western offers everything you need to travel well – a warm welcome, a rewarding stay and a truly exceptional value.

Best Western Plus® goes beyond the expected, offering everything from well-appointed guest rooms to upgraded amenities. Connecting you to Best Western Rewards®, our award-winning loyalty program, we are committed to delivering the highest degree of hospitality and unmatched value — around the block and around the world.

A notably refined travel experience.
Best Western Premier® is an exclusive offering designed for worldwide travelers seeking superior accommodations, exceptional service and first-rate amenities, including access to our award-winning rewards program, Best Western Rewards®. Refined and elegant, guests can expect a memorably rewarding stay defined by the highest degree of hospitality, quality and attention to detail.

Discover a connected hotel experience where technology blends with local inspirations to create an affordably hip boutique hotel that is smart, bold and unmistakably fresh.

GLō is a hip, boutique hotel delivering a well-traveled lifestyle with bold options to work smarter, play harder and live healthier on the road. Warm, exceptional service is always tailored to your every need to help you travel with ease. Connecting you to an award-winning rewards program, GLō is value focused, allowing you to easily earn and redeem points through Best Western Rewards®. A boldly expressive design and a fresh take on hospitality make your stay.

Opportunities. Jobs. Travels. Even personal obligations. Sometimes life comes calling and demands more than a quick visit. When you have to be away from home for a while, Executive Residency by Best Western®, with its stylish comforts and affordable home-away-from-home extras, is designed to make your long-term stay a pleasure. Experience the kind of hospitality that says welcome home, even when you’re not.

A collection of hotels
each with their own style and personality
Enticing guests with a unique hotel experience marked by a home-away-from-home comfort and value, BW Signature Collection® is the perfect travel accommodation. Our collection of surprisingly affordable hotels offers today’s travelers relaxed settings, modern amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, and a warm welcoming stay – locally and around the world.

Embark on a journey of local flair and style.
BW Premier Collection® by Best Western is our most exclusive collection of carefully-curated hotels, offering today’s traveler an inspired experience in luxury with hotels that are eclectic and original. Each hotel’s identity is unmistakably tied to its destination, providing an authentic boutique experience that reflects the unique personality of each locale. From the lobby to the room, every detail is thoughtfully considered. This experience is anything but expected; it is memorable, sophisticated and thoroughly superior.

Inspiring guests with bold designs and meticulously curated detail, Sadie defies the status quo for upscale accommodations. Keep pace with the pulse of the city and venture in to a lively space that is chic and sophisticated with an allure that carries a grungy edge. Seamlessly integrated amenities for the modern adventurer and playful surprises make for a memorable stay that can only be Sadie.

Aiden is a trendy new collection of modern, suburban boutique hotels with a cool, laid-back personality. No two hotels are alike. Down-to-earth with a quick wit and ready smile, Aiden embodies the eclectic spirit of the neighborhood – a welcoming host of local flair and new adventures.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t want. SureStay® Hotels by Best Western welcome those who like to travel simply and casually. Delivering the value and comfort today’s traveler expects, SureStay Hotels offer the necessities for a good night’s stay.

Great value with quality extras. Whether for leisure or business, SureStay® Plus Hotels by Best Western is the perfect choice for those who like to travel simply and casually. Find the amenities and service you expect at SureStay Plus.

Quality, value and a little more. A unique blend of hotels,  by Best Western welcomes those who like to travel casually, but appreciate the kinds of details that add to a better stay experience. Find everything you need at a hotel designed to deliver a dependable stay.

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