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Mark W. Tiedemann CEO of MWT Architect has created a wide variety of Videos for both students & future clients. These videos are on a variety of topics such as Site Construction, Wood Framing, Hotel construction.

Modular Hotel Construction
Modular Hotel Construction Architecture and Design
Modular Hotel Construction
Let's take a look inside of Modular Hotel Unit Factory with Mark W Tiedemann, AIA
Hotel Construction
Hotel Design and Construction experts
Hotel Construction : Extra Lumber for Bracing on a Jobsite
5-10% of the lumber you buy for a construction project will be used for bracing, squaring walls, safety rails, and other onsite temporary purposes. It is important to incorporate this into your construction and material costs for every job, including hotel construction.
First Steps to Site Construction : Obtaining SWPPP
First steps to Hotel site construction Obtaining SWPPP
First Steps to Site Construction : Obtaining SWPPP
Mark talks about one of the first steps in preparing a site, obtaining a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, which allows you to start regrading the site.
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