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Eco-tourism new offering of resorts, hotels, lodges & villas, Indonesia is the largest single archipelago in the world with endless opportunities for franchise hotel development or a boutique offering.  It has been known as an island haven. The Malay Archipelago (or Indonesian Archipelago) straddle the equator and make up crossroads between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Hotel and Resort Architecture and development through international partners and hotel franchisees have sparked a tremendous amount of growth for MWT in Indonesia.

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Since 1994, as an Award-Winning Architectural Design firm, we have been working with top chained-brand hotel companies around the world such as Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Best Western Hotels and many others.Mark Tiedemann CEO of MWT Hotel architects and hotel plans has been working side by side with international hotel franchises. MWT has always developed its work on hotel plans by working closely with their executive teams. We develop design projects that incorporate the rigors of the local state, and federal building codes and the franchise brand standards.

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Developers and contractors sometimes don’t always understand the complexity of meeting the building codes, and continual improvements made within the franchises’ international brand standards. The typical hotel construction documents now required to get a franchise approval and a building permit is extreme. We are seeing over 400 sheets of drawings and hundreds of pages of design specifications that coordinate the design of a project. For these types of conditions, you need a firm like MWT that has the experience and know how to not only work from scratch, but we develop real solution even while project is under construction.

Brand standards are always evolving in Indonesia and sometimes mid-stream, we are asked to make changes for the next evolution of that flag being built. While this may seem to be a waste of time it is really providing the owner / developer with the latest and greatest design within its hotel plans. This will give the developer the advantage of being in alignment with the brand standards upon opening. We work around the clock and are grateful to see are results built worldwide and talked about on social media.


Maximize Your Site Potential,
Anticipate Future Development


Innovative, Sustainable, Franchise or Custom Projects


100% Value Engineered, Increase Functionality, Reduce Costs


Step-by-step Guidance, Initial Design to Project Completion


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We share the same franchises vision with our clients inevitably supporting their brands, leadership and goals. There has been consistent growth and the need for hotel plans and hotel architects in designing, interiors, exteriors with inviting spaces. World travelers in Indonesian Archipelago destinations, such as Bali, Jakarta, Sumatera, Semarang, Medan, Surabaya, Kalimantan, Komodo Island, Yogyakarta, Solo, Bandung, Kupang, Papua New Guinea, and other destination cities, want to see, and experience great design and we deliver on our mission as Hotel Architects. Our engineered systems and the special interiors live up to the brand standards.

We develop real solutions that are fulfilling the brand standards while also providing the value engineering for the developer. The most important piece a hotel architect provides is an exceptional architectural experience for the guest that is something that MWT and the international franchises both strive for as the main goals of both of our businesses. It doesn’t matter the property, sometimes it’s a modern and simply hotel or resort design that has a great offering or a complex property with a sophisticated offering. MWT Hotel Architect and Hotel plans are here to help designing the future.


New or experienced hotel developer, we’d love to work with you. We are eager to help turning our client’s aspirations into reality. After all, your vision inspires our designs.

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